Emerging Artists

Emerging Artists #13 – Selebrities

Hailing from Brooklyn, the band ooze electro cool, with pulsing beats and shimmering synths permeating their music.

Emerging Artists #12 – Trophy Wife

Before the hype engulfs them we got Foals’ new best mates Trophy Wife to introduce themselves…

Emerging Artists #11 ? Detroit Social Club

Detroit Social Club’s 12 month ascent from bedroom rockers to supporting Oasis on their last ever headline show has been quick to say the least

Emerging Artists #9 – Vasco Da Gama

Whilst members of ?At The Drive In? decide whether to jump on the reunion bandwagon. There?s a band in the northwest shaping up to take their mantle.

Emerging Artists #8 – Young Empires

Young Empires are another band currently blending the finer points of electro and indie to devastating effect

Emerging Artists #7 – Chapel Club

London’s Chapel Club have been garnering huge amounts of buzz since the start of the year, with their brooding lyrics and expansive sound

Emerging Artists #6 – The Like

You’re right in thinking that L.A’s The Like are not exactly a new band, but 2010 sees them return with a slghtly altered line-up and a new sound

Emerging Artists #5 – Planet Earth

Young and Lost Club’s latest offering Planet Earth, have been touring and recording with Noah and The Whale recently and have also shared the stage with some of alt-folk’s biggest names

Emerging Artists #4 – La Shark

A definition of their music has troubled many so instead of trying to pin them down with the usual genre labels we let the band introduce themselves…

Emerging Artists #3 – Hanoi Janes

Hanoi Janes is mainly the work of one guy living in Dresden, Germany. He spent the last six months constantly recording his vision of a Spector/Wilson sound, limited to on an 8-track recorder, one mic, and a stack of slightly degenerated pop nuggets in mind.