Emerging Artists

Emerging Artists #25 – Caged Animals

We’ve now hit the quarter century mark with our Emerging Artists feature and who better to celebrate with than Brooklyn residents Caged Animals

Emerging Artists #24 ? Theme Park

Listening to the rich tropical rhythms Theme Park weave you realise why the internet?s obsessions with breaking bands is so fucking great

Emerging Artists #22 – Plant Plants

Following our recent lo-fi love in with the likes of The History of Apple Pie and Bleeding Knees Club, we’ve returned to the other side of things

Emerging Artists #21 – The History of Apple Pie

You can say what you want about lo-fi twee bands but they will always have a huge place in our hearts at Addict

Emerging Artists #19 – Bleeding Knees Club

With their lof-fi buzz providing us with some much needed reinvigoration, we thought it would only be right to invite the band to introduce themsleves

Emerging Artists #18 ? Big Deal

The sparseness of their music creates a haunting backdrop for their heartfelt lyrics and dual harmonies

Emerging Artists #17 – Braids

Calgary’s Braids build expansive waves of atmospheric electronics and combine them with the flair and eccentricities of Kate Bush and Bjork

Emerging Artists #16 ? Echo Lake

Echo Lake first appeared in the early summer of 2010 with their debut track ?Everything is Real? which garnered some love from certain corners

Emerging Artists #15 – The Collectable Few

The Collectable Few are the first band in 2011 to feature in our regular Emerging Artists section and will join fellow inductees…

Emerging Artists #14 – ANR

Psych-disco-rock outfit ANR, otherwise known as Awesome New Republic, are another fine pyschadelic US import to come to British shores