Emerging Artists

Emerging Artists #36 – 2:54

Sitting somewhere between Garbage, PJ Harvey and Warpaint these sisters smack the gimmickry out of sibling bands and play with impassioned intensity.

Emerging Artists # 35 – Simian Ghost

We chat to singer, producer and chief songwriter Sebastian Arnstr?m in the weeks before the band?s Camden Crawl performance to find out more on their story.

Emerging Artists #34 – SHINIES

It’s been a long time since we’ve got this excited about introducing a guitar band, but SHINIES are, well, easily the best thing we’ve heard in a long, long time.

Emerging Artists #33 – NZCA/LINES

Standard first question; how did you start up the band, where are you from and what compelled you to make music together? NZCA/LINES is more like a solo project for me. I?ve been playing in different bands for years, follow the guitar pop dream, and have always wanted to try something by myself. The opportunity […]

Emerging Artists #32 – Bear Driver

How did you get together, where you from and why did you decide to make music together? Harry: Oli and I met whilst playing in a band in Leeds called the Hospital Bombers. When that band imploded we decided to try and form a new band. We talked about it for a long time,?then one […]

Emerging Artists #31 – Trailer Trash Tracys

Tthis London-based foursome make the sort of ethereal experimental tunes that turn pop songwriting on its head entirely and leave it feeling a little woozy.

Emerging Artists #29 – FOE

We catch up with FOE’s Hannah to find out more about her charity shop organ, 4-track player and working relationship with Adam Crisp of Entrepreneurs.

Emerging Artists #28 – FAMY

If you saw WU LYF on tour this year, and managed to leave the bar in time to catch the support act, chances are you would of seen FAMY, too

Emerging Artists #27 – Pandr Eyez

Pandr Eyez employ not only an adventurous approach to creating varied and textured music but also taught us a thing or two about honey badgers.

Emerging Artists #26 ? Crushed Beaks

“Fucking noisy, fucking messy and fucking loud!” It’s a sentence that will get even the most cynical and disheartened music fan excited