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The Big Pink @ The Electric Ballroom, Camden 15/10/2009

When The Big Pink make it to the stage , there is hardly room to manoeuvre your pint to your lips and the level of expectation couldn’t be any higher


it has been five years since we took those shots of us wearing mismatching ridiculous clothes and like whatever we’re kids – we’re not that any more.

Interview – The Hickey Underworld

From Antwerp, Belgium we introduce The Hickey Underworld. Forming from the closely-linked worlds of hardcore, punk and alternative rock, this is a band that a stagnant scene has been waiting for. Owing a small debt to the likes of Nirvana, Jesus Lizard and At the Drive In, the band fuse post-hardcore with indie sensibilities to […]

Cluney?s Top Ten: Who?s in the band now?

hould great bands continue without the original line-up? Can a group ever regain the peak of their brilliance after the trauma of a messy break up? Even I don?t have the ego to say that I have the definitive answer, so allow me to put forward arguments for and against the hit and miss phenomena of musical resurrection.

Fighting On: The Boxer Rebellion

Boxer Rebellion celebrated the physical release of their second album, ?Union? ? last week, following on from the rapturous reception and critical acclaim the album received when it was made available to download earlier in the year. We talk to guitarist Todd Howe about touring, freebies and bouncing back?

Manchester Orchestra – Mean Everything To Nothing (Favourite Gentlemen) 07/09/09

Like a sharp reminder of the greatness of Nirvana and Early Weezer , Mean Everyting To Nothing is a blistering mix of visceral guitar riffs and Lead Singer Hull?s raw guttural vocals.

Cluney?s Top Tens: London

As both a music lover and a hopeless pedant, I feel the urge to rate and rank my musical likes and dislikes constantly. If, when walking down the street, I see a bus heading toward Brixton, of course my immediate thought is ?Guns of Brixton, maybe number 4 in my top Clash Songs chart.? My […]

Interview – Hot Gossip

Milan’s Hot Gossip have just returned with another blistering inde-rock album, You Look Faster When You Are Young, and we thought we’d catch up with them to have a chat about life in Milan and the recording of their long awaited second album.

Interview – Engineers

Following the Engineers return to the public consciousness with their glorious sophomore album Three Fact Fader, we caught up with Mark from the band to discuss their mini hiatus and the recoding of their new album.