Emerging Artists #4 – La Shark

A definition of their music has troubled many so instead of trying to pin them down with the usual genre labels we let the band introduce themselves…

Emerging Artists #2 – Girls Names

The second band we would like to bring to your attention is Belfast’s Girls Names. They sound like a Gothic ’60s garage rock band, blending surf noir rhythms with beat-pop then covering it all with a thick layer of reverb. Currently they’re are on tour with La LA Vasquez.

Emerging Artists #1 – North Atlantic Oscillation

We’ve reset the counter, renamed it ’emerging artists’ and so begin with Sam Healy from North Atlantic Oscillation.

MGMT – Congratulations (Columbia) 12/04/2010

Where they could have easily created another greatest hits selection, they?ve avoided the obvious, and they?ve produced an altogether more interesting album – more 6 Music than Radio 1.

Arctic Monkeys – My Propeller

For your viewing pleasure the new video for Arctic Monkeys? My Propeller. Directed by Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern, it?s a feast for the eyes.

Frightened Rabbit – The Winter Of Mixed Drinks (Fat Cat) 01/03/10

In this, their latest effort ?The Winter Of Mixed Drinks?, the band have developed an (even more) anthemic, almost Biffy Clyro like sound, yet retain the charming frailty which has previously been an endearing staple to a Frightened Rabbit album. Stadium anthems for the bedroom if you will.

Broken Bells ? Broken Bells (Columbia) 08/03/2010

The core of the songs remain, but everything around it is done oh so slightly that much better giving them the lasting resonance and depth that many artists fail to create by themselves

Foals – Spanish Sahara

New Foals, New Foals, New Foals. Yes it is a new Foals song and it is incredibly different but still great, juts have a look for yourself.

Hot Chip @ Birmingham Academy, 20/02/2010

The added dimensions afforded by live instrumentation were the real highlight of an amazing set.

Erland & the Carnival @ The Glee Club, Birmingham 19/02/2010

With their collection of wonderfully crafted and re-worked tracks, band members from the best musical stock and a charismatic front man, Erland & the Carnival have every box ticked