Manic Street Preachers ? Postcards from a Young Man

As far as being an album that shows progression it doesn?t succeed, but it also at times represents a love letter to former glories

Chief – Hoxton Bar and Grill, London 31/08/2010

Chief are already a band of substance who have the ability to pen, in a word, anthems.

Everything Everything – Man Alive (Geffen) 30/08/2010

With their intelligence and breathtaking future pop Everything Everything may have just produced the d?but album of the year.

Aberfeldy Track by Track Guide To ‘Somewhere To Jump From’

Aberfeldy have just released their new album, ‘Somewhere To Jump From’, through Tenement Records and have wrote us track by track to share with you good people…

Emerging Artists #8 – Young Empires

Young Empires are another band currently blending the finer points of electro and indie to devastating effect

Klaxons – Surfing The Void (Polydor) 23/08/2010

Funny bunch those Klaxon lads. Once pioneers of a new, exciting movement (whether it be Nu-rave or not I couldn?t care less), they became embroiled in mass hysteria, with kids lovingly launching glo-sticks at them, they were picking up celebrity girlfriends and superstar collaborations, alongside overwhelming critical acclaim – including a Mercury Music prize, and […]

Emerging Artists #7 – Chapel Club

London’s Chapel Club have been garnering huge amounts of buzz since the start of the year, with their brooding lyrics and expansive sound

Interview | Liars

We caught up with Angus Andrew last month to discuss Sisterworld and much more

Interview | Pulled Apart By Horses

Our man Mazz managed to grab some time with Pulled Apart By Horses to discuss their first full length EP, life on the road and that amazing video…

Emerging Artists #6 – The Like

You’re right in thinking that L.A’s The Like are not exactly a new band, but 2010 sees them return with a slghtly altered line-up and a new sound