Everything Everything – Photoshop Handsome

November 9, 2010 by  

The video for Everything Everything’s new single is completely crazy. 50 animators were given a few frames of greenscreen footage of the band to animate. They then Photoshopped the band members and background in whichever way they wanted.

You can watch the results below:

If the video was not enough, there is an extensive explanation from Jonathan Everything below:

?Our new single Photoshop Handsome looks at the world of digital image manipulation and computer game re-incarnation. What would it feel like to come back to life as one of the ‘perfected’, false, immortal beings that adorn magazine covers, adverts and games?

We took the idea of photoshopping and digital re-imagining of the self to its most extreme conclusion with our new video. We laid out loose guidelines for a huge number of creative digital artists and let them run free with their imaginations, each editing literally only a few seconds of video in total. The result is a very colourful and diverse explosion of ideas, the image of ourselves re-imagined hundreds of times in 3 minutes. We hope to open the imagination and raise some thoughts about what it means to change our perceptions of ourselves to the extent we do.”