Wild Nothing – Golden Haze EP (Captured Tracks) 05/10/2010

October 23, 2010 by  

If releasing one of the albums of the year in ?Gemini? wasn?t enough for Jack Tatum?s nostalgic dream pop project Wild Nothing, he has only gone and produced another accomplished record within the same year. ?Golden Haze? is made up of an intriguing six tracks which reinstate the Virginian?s love for 80?s British indie, but renovated in his own stylish bedroom producer approach.

Title track ?Golden Haze? fades in gently, allowing for a pleasant beginning to a delicate style of sound where Tatum?s combination of reverb-drenched vocals and delayed guitars result in some intriguing post-punk textures similar to those of The Cure. ?Quiet Hours? mixes a jangly guitar hook with a rhythmic drum machine pattern throughout, along with a charming vintage synth that brightens up the chorus, whilst ?Take Me In? provides a luscious array of Joy Division-esque sharp guitars and ambient synths. The tranquil atmosphere of this record is enhanced on ?Your Rabbit Feet?, with its well crafted arrangement of ethereal synths and mellow guitars that compliment Tatum?s sleepy vocal delivery very well.

The reflective C86 sound of ?Asleep? glides along smoothly for a concise couple of minutes, but it is the closing song ?Vultures Like Lovers? which is the highlight of the EP; as it?s flourishing delayed guitars, multi-layered vocals and beating drums create an impressive complex sound that still maintains its indie-pop sensibilities. The song finishes in an atmospheric reverb guitar before being abruptly switched off to the sound of footsteps leaving the recording.

?Golden Haze? doesn?t really offer anything too different from what was heard on Wild Nothing?s debut ?Gemini?; however it is still a satisfying and rewarding listen. Hopefully for his next record, we will see this retro style taken further as most of the tracks here preserve the similar indie-pop of the debut LP. Despite this, ?Golden Haze? is a fine piece of work which further increases the bright future in store for Wild Nothing.