White Lies – Death (Polydor) 29/06/2009

July 1, 2009 by  


White Lies are one of those bands that have seemingly leaped out from nowhere and become everyone?s new favourite band. Well nearly everyone, I?m sure the tag ?shite lies? has been doing the rounds in certain circles. This reservation expressed by some music fans has a firm grounding. Previous singles have been guilty of clunky lyrics, over polished production and blatant allusion to Joy Division, a path which has been trodden more than once in recent years.

Their next single ?Death? goes a long way to dispel those reservations. Although the rumbling bass lines and the synth backdrop remains, gone are the excruciatingly contrived baritone vocals. The vocals now have an organic and unforced feel, and the lyrics flow effortless along until they build into the anthemic chorus. It?s at this chorus where the guitars are at their most visceral, sending the song into a stadium filler waiting to happen.

?Death?, as ominous as it sounds, still sees White Lies adopting a melancholic tone, but his time round they let the music flow organically instead of forcing it into a contrived Joy Division/ Interpol mould.


By Chris Cummins