White Belt Yellow Tag – Tell Your Friends (Distiller) 13/07/2009

July 13, 2009 by  


Better known for making scratchy rock music with Yourcodenameis:milo, White Belt Yellow Tag seems to be the dawn of a new musical era for guitarist Justin Lockey. On the band?s latest single, ‘Tell Your Friends (It All Worked Out)’, gone are the shouty At The Drive In bursts of fuzz, instead in their place are well crafted layers of guitar, superbly complimented by Craig Pilbin?s brooding vocals, which are akin to the likes of Garvey and Goodwin.

B-side ?146 Ways? hints at a more eclectic approach to songwriting. A heavy processed beat provides a contrasting backdrop to the acoustic guitar and subtle vocals, before Lockey?s visceral guitar kicks in and soars majestically over the whole thing. The effect is not only pleasing on the ear but reassuringly refreshing. With such an accomplished self-produced single, you can only imagine what they?re going to sound like once they get in the studio proper, my money?s on a supercharged Doves playing covers off Kid A.

By Chris Cummns