Two Wounded Birds ? All We Wanna Do / Midnight Wave

April 10, 2011 by  

Sounding more like West coast California than East coast England, Two Wounded Birds are a Margate foursome whose sound comes right out of grainy old surf movies your dad could?ve made in the 1960s. Not that this is a bad thing though as it?s clear to see the influences of their surroundings in their music, as well as some very well-place popular culture.

Every chord and lazily yelped syllable sounds like it rolled in off the waves on the Kent shoreline in between watching Endless Summer and listening to the Pulp Fiction soundtrack on repeat. The swift pace at which their songs are dispensed are bang on trend and this double A-side sits them somewhere in between a modern-day Beach Boys and Moshi Moshi labelmates The Drums, who have already had the band open for them on their UK tour.

Indeed, there?s been an mini-explosion of ‘surf rock’ revival in the last year, all seemingly hell bent on resurrecting the ghosts of Jan & Dean. What’s most striking about this band in particular though, is that they are instantly more believable than anything you’ll have heard so far. You can?t blame anyone who demonstrates this genre for being a little repetitive; it?s what this kind of music is. But credit where it?s due, the one thing that Two Wounded Birds show here is that they have the style and more importantly, the soul that?s been missing in so many pretenders thus far.

?Midnight Wave? certainly came straight off the first page of How to Sound like The Safaris for Dummies, whilst there is something engaging and even Ramone-like about the delivery of ?All We Wanna Do? which kicks itself along at a pace that it?s comfortable with in just under 2 minutes, which really helps keep their retro sound interesting rather than monotonous.

It may just be a fad ? trying to turn Brighton Pier into Venice Beach or the year that American Graffiti paints itself into the fashions and hairstyles of the middle class university kids up and down the country, but who cares when it?s this good and this immediate? For those of you who were tired of hearing The Trashmen?s ?Surfin? Bird?, even before its attempt at Christmas Number 1 infamy last year, it?s not for you. But for those who are willing to give it a try, maybe Two Wounded Birds are now most definitely ?the word?.