Twin Atlantic ? You’re Turning Into John Wayne (Red Bull) 07/09/2009

September 19, 2009 by  

Twin Atlantic ? You're Turning Into John Wayne

Described by Twin Atlantic front-man Sam McTrusty as being a song about ?the way American culture is everywhere”. It seems a little strange that Twin Atlantic have adopted a predominately American emo-rock sound on ‘You’re Turning Into John Wayne’ . If he really is that disgruntled with American culture permeating English rock music, then why try and sound like Taking Back Sunday or any other American angst-rock by numbers band?

What does set their sound apart from the rest of the emo gang is his achingly Scottish vocals , which he believes are the bands most endearing facet ‘ it was important to us to stay close to our roots and just be ourselves.’ Vocally he’s right, his Scottish snarl rivals James Allen and Biffy’s Simon Neil for the accolade of the coarsest vocals in rock, but as he yelps ‘Yeah I know I’m contradicting, because all the things I own are made In America’, you can’t help but feel that the real contradiction is that the music he sings over is American as it comes.

So for all his bellyaching about American culture, his band still seem content on recreating the generic American emo sound.