Tiny Tigers – Time For Tea (None) 15/06/2009

June 20, 2009 by  

Tiny Tigers

Branding yourself with the name tiger seems to be proving very popular. The latest band named after the big cat are the Tiny Tigers – oh the irony. On their debut release ?Time For Tea? the all female London trio have served up brash indie-rock E.P with a clear punk aesthetic.

Sounding like they recorded it in someone?s bedroom on an old cassette deck left over from their 14th birthday, the primitive growl of ?Sort It Out? and the jerky Blondie-eque rhythm of ?Talking? are attention grabbing if nothing else. There is nothing complicated on this E.P, it?s just goby rock delivered in a brash home made manner. If your old enough and unfortunate enough to remember Vanilla?s No Way, No Way, then imagine those vocals played over The Sexpistols, and you?ll get an idea.

Apparently the tracks on this E.P are a mix of kitchen recordings and studio sessions. Maybe next time round they should invest in a bit more studio time and let those melodies come through and have the flat drum beat beefed up.


By Chris Cummins