The Voluntary Butler Scheme – Tabasco Sole (Split) 20/07/2009

June 30, 2009 by  


The Voluntary Scheme aka Rob Jones, clearly aims to bring us all some much needed musical sunshine in these dark times. His latest offering ?Tabasco Sole? is a laid back slice of soulful funk which is sure to brighten up even the most cynical dolite?s day. The unassuming jerky lead line quickly gives way to a repetitive sample which is incredibly reminiscent of the Jackson Five?s ABC. Played over a laid back beat, with a catchy Do Do Do chorus in the background, and lyrics like ?Something in the way you move can turn around the blues?, the track couldn?t sound more breezy even if it tried.

Perhaps this is it?s downfall. All of this chirpiness and optimism might begin to grate with some listeners and the dead pan vocals are, as you would expect, nothing more than whimsical. The West Midlands is not normally known for it?s soul music, but in this sweltering heat wave there couldn?t be a better soundtrack to sweat out your hangover over a BBQ.


By Chris Cummins