The Toniks – This Summer (Greater London Records) 15/06/2009

July 4, 2009 by  

The Toniks

The Toniks hail from the most unlikeliest of rock ?n? roll breeding grounds, Guilford. A town not exactly know for its? grittiness or diversity, it?s easily to see why the Toniks are so bland. Their new four track E.P is just about as exciting as Guilford town centre on a weekday. Opener ?Wonderful Then?, is a bland ballad which takes the worst elements of Starsailor and combines them with the most turgid moments of Coldplay?s career. To compound the musical misery, front-man Mark Taylor sings like a choir boy still waiting for puberty to take it?s course.

Title track ?This Summer? does try to pick up the pace, but in a bland faux-ska punk way. The result is a song readymade for the soundtrack of the next High School Musical film. It?s so nice and contrived it makes your skin crawl. After the previous two songs excruciating banality, it?s impossible to find more words to describe just how ordinary and dull the rest of the E.P is.

There Myspace slogan might say ?unashamedly pop and proud of it?, but since when did pop have to be so bland and generic?