The Silent Years – Climb On My Back (Gift Music) 10/08/2009

August 20, 2009 by  

climb on my back

The Silent Years hit the UK shores with a US reputation larger than the average ’70s stadium rock band’s rider. Stateside they have been making some serious waves in the underground scene. Having been heralded by New York tastsemakers Spin magazine as ‘the best indie rock band in the country’ it’s easy to see why they have such a cult following. Yet over here their debut made a lasting a impression about as big Gay Dad’s debut. That’s not to say the Silent Years stooped to the Dad’s level of shite indie-pop mediocrity, in fact it’s the complete opposite. They just happen to be, like many US bands, one’s that slipped under the average muso’s radar.

To remedy this the five piece are releasing their first single ‘Climb on My Back’, from their forthcoming second album Globe. Having worked with legendary indie producer Chris Cody, who’s produced the likes of T.V On The Radio and The Arcade Fire, you’d to expect a plethora of indie influences breaking through onto the track. And it doesn’t disappoint. Combing the meek vocals of the Arcade Fire with the garage fuzz of Weezer with just a hint of early Flaming Lips, think She Don’t use Jelly, ‘Climb on My Back’ is a vibrant lo-fi indie hit waiting to happen.