The Plastiscines – Barcelona (Because) 02/11/2009

November 12, 2009 by  


There are two ways to listen to the new single by Gossip Girl favourites The Plastiscines. The first is with the cold detachment of a burnt-out music hack and the second is on Youtube where you?ll get to gaze upon the four loveliest ladies in indie-pop? I personally opted for the latter.

Their earlier singles were sung and wrote in French and subsequently sounded like four Parisian models singing over The Strokes. Heady stuff indeed, especially for teenage boys. Their debut English effort, ?Barcelona? is noticeably more polished and as you would expect sung in English. This new direction is slightly disappointing, as some of the Parisian chic is rubbed away by the slightly over-polished production.

Whether their album follows suit is yet to be seen, but I bet their videos will keep doing the rounds regardless.


By Chris Cummins