The Harringtons – Set In Our Ways (unsigned) 22/06/2009

June 17, 2009 by  

The Harringtons

South Yorkshire starlets The Harringtons are most definitely a band that you need to hear.
The Barnsley four-piece have been together little over six months, building a respectable local fanbase. Without meaning any disrespect, they have far outgrown such humble surroundings. “Set In Our Ways” is the most exciting release I have heard since Exit Calm.

Lead singer Trav has the kind of voice any aspiring vocalist would envy; strong, clear and dripping with authenticity. While the accusations of getting on the regional hero bandwagon will fly, it is the quality of the delivery that sets it apart. Think The Twang with more variety and less self-indulgence. And good.

Musically, the band have nailed down an almost perfect formula. Strident guitars, melodic breakdowns and singalong chorus’ are expertly corralled by fast, crisp drums of the kind last heard when Bloc Party still made music with instruments.

The lyrics are simplistic but energetically delivered. Failed relationship? Oh well. Shit happens, it’s your round.

The Harringtons are exhilarating. Old fashioned indie rock reborn. With a summer of headliners like Oasis, The Enemy and Kasabian, I really hope their time has come.


By Liam Clune