The Blizzards – Buy It Sell It (Island) 06/07/2009

July 4, 2009 by  

the blizzards

Here we go again, another pop-indie band for you all to not get very excited about. The Blizzards are another band intent on following in the path of The Kooks and One Night Only, in their quest to conquer daytime radio.

That?s not to say The Blizzards are a bad band. The Irish four piece sound very technically adept and do blend some lovely summery harmonies. Niall Bresin?s vocals are far better than your average indie rocker, and there is a catchy little riff going on in the song. But it?s the way it?s all put together in it?s nice pop package that brings the song down.

After several listens the only distinguishing feature seems to be the repetitive ?Buy it, Sell it? Chorus and the nifty middle eight, neither of which are exactly ground breaking. As for the rest, it could be any middle of theroad band playing a banal pop song.

The Blizzards will probably be a sure fire hit with teenage girls, but for the rest of you, stay well away.


By Chris Cummins