Teenagersintokyo ? Isabella/Long Walk Alone (Back Yard) 05/10/2009

October 6, 2009 by  

Isabella Long Walk Home

A week, let alone a year can be a long time in music. Too often bands seemingly disappear into their studios and come back to find the musical landscape remarkably different, and often within the space of only a few months. If you care to cast your mind back to the summer of 2007 you’ll remember the latest buzz-band was Teenagersintokyo. Fusing high tempo disco beats with ’80s tinged synthesisers and incredibly catchy vocal hooks they seemed set to follow in the path of CSS and New Young Pony Club.

Yet before the backlash had time to organise itself for a critical onslaught, Teenagersintokyo seemingly dropped back into the blogsphere. Two years on and they are at last returning with new double A side Isabella/Long Walk Alone and thankfully they sound like they’ve not been away for more than a few days.

The improvement and progression of the musical style is instantly noticeable. Gone are the crude vocal hooks and frantic beats. In their place now lies beautifully crafted melodies and superbly structured songs. The vocals now caress the beats and the synthesisers build the tension as the lyrical narratives entice the listener in further, making this some of their strongest material to date.

If Isabella/Long Walk Alone is an accurate indication of Teenagersintokyo’s forthcoming album then you can expect something truly great.


By Chris Cummins