Teenagersintokyo ? ?Peter Pan? (Back Yard Recordings) 08/02/2010

February 16, 2010 by  

Sydney electro-pop five piece Teenagersintokyo have been creating a buzz about them after moving to the UK. I can?t see why with this listless ’80s copycat track. CSS comparisons beware – it?s more like their follow up Donkey then Cansei De Ser Sexy.

I?m not sure if it?s whether it?s all too predictable or it?s the dated repetitive beat, irritating synths, or uninspired lyrics, but it does nothing to get you off your seat or even sitting up.

Even though it?s been widely rumoured that after a few listens it begins to seep in, I?ll save you the bother – after seven attempts I?ve had enough.

Just do yourself a favour, listen to Foals, Chew Lips or even the frigging Bravery instead. I might even give Donkey another whirl rather then listen to this again. Queue growing fan base backlash: This is bad.