Solid Gold – Bible Thumper (Solid Gold Music) 29/06/2009

June 30, 2009 by  


Ok this might sound like an anti-catholic call to arms on paper, but on the ears it?s actually more of a laid back electro funk assault of the timid kind. Solid Gold are a three piece from Minneapolis who have recorded all of their debut album ‘Bodies of Water’ in a assortment of basements, cabins and farms. Ahh more streets-esque home made taping I hear you cry. Again, no. Home equipment has clearly come along way since the early millennia, and Bible Thumper sounds like it could of easily been made in a ten thousand pound a day recording studio.

At only two and half minuets in length, the track is incredibly short for it?s kind. Throughout there is a strange swirling buzzing noise which verges on the hypnotic. Apart from this, the rest is a mix of smooth jazz bass lines, crisp beats and laid back vocals. Solid Gold?s adeptness at making home recording sound so good, consequently means the record lacks some much needed immediacy, and the listless nature of the vocals don?t help matters. As the song comes to an abrupt end it?s easy to forget what just happened, but if you press repeat the repeat button you?ll easily fall back into it?s hypnotic groove


By Chris Cummins