Nine Ninety Nines – Dirty Little Secret/Put it Politely 06/09/2010

September 5, 2010 by  

The recent Libertines reunion has proved that a lot of people still want some good old indie Rock ‘n’ Roll in their life. So to have a short burst of unadulterated indie-rock land on your desk is a surprising joy to say the least.

Portsmouth’s the Nine Ninety Nines d?but double A-side single, Dirty Little Secret/Put it Politely, is a refreshing concoction of confrontational indie-rock and South Coast sunshine pop. Opener Dirty Little Secret is an unbridled mix of earthy lead lines and tales of hedonistic life on the South Coast that’ll stir even the most po-faced scenesters out of their seats. To add to the wonderful noise, Put it Politely takes a more pop tone to deliver the Brit pop sensibility that made the Arctic Monkeys and Libertines so exciting in their early days.

As far as d?but singles go, the Nine Ninety Nines’ is as good as you’ll find this side of the post-apocalyptic synth movement, they are a true gem in the dirty Southsea rough.