Memory Tapes ? Graphics (Something In Construction) 11/01/2010

January 25, 2010 by  

Memory Tapes, the sole work of Dave Hawk, had an inconspicuous introduction to the UK scene early last year, with a limited release of the d?but album ‘Seek Magic’. Following its critical acclaim in pretty much every music press a full release ensued and the magic of Hawk’s music was spread far and wide. With such minimal initial backing it’s easy to see why Hawk is keen to take advantage of his new ‘hyped’ status and release a new single to see in the new year.

Graphics (Re-model Edit) is not quite what you would expect. Given that the original was nearly seven minutes long, some severe editing has been done to produce a more palletable and assumedly MTV friendly version. At just over half the length of the original, the single retains the essence of the song but everything seems that little bit more slick and immediate, turning Graphics into that 3.30 high fidelity pop song it always promised to be.

For those who have yet to discover Memory Tapes this could be the perfect introduction, but for those already well versed the absence of the expansiveness and lo-fi tones of the original could grate slightly.