Marina and The Diamonds ? Mowgli’s Road (679) 16/11/2009

November 23, 2009 by  

Marina and The Diamonds ? Mowgli's Road

As if we haven’t had enough of off-kilter indie chicks this year, some plucky A&R man has decided to send yet another Kate Bush obsessed singer our way. Marina & The Diamonds (like, you guessed it, Florence and The Machine) are a female fronted act that seem to leave the & section of the band at home when doing the promotional rounds.

Not necessarily a bad thing, as Marina is yet another delectable beauty to add to the burgeoning indie stunner stable and her approach is an absurdly eclectic mix of pop that puts Miss Nash and Little Boots to shame.

Mowgli’s Road is an eccentric song, where the music echoes the subject mater perfectly. Tribal beats and jumpy piano riffs give Marina the perfect bed to work her jungle love narrative over and sounds like nothing else currently propping up the charts. To weird to be pure pop and yet filled with enough hooks to leave a coherent impression, Mowgli’s Road could be the breakthrough hit that Marina and The Diamonds need.


By Chris Cummins