Lovvers – OCD Go Go Girls (Witchita) 03/08/2009

August 8, 2009 by  

go go girls

Hmm Fuzz. It?s always been a staple and personal delight of guitar music, from the snarling riffs of The Stooges to the fuzz-pop of Teenage Fan Club, never has an effects pedal been used so well. Falling somewhere between the aforementioned bands, Lovvers have a heady blend of anarchic garage rock and sugary-pop melodies, all smothered in layer upon layer of distortion. Some might think that this is a cynical move to sound like an ultra-cool reinterpreting of the Ramones, but I?d rather think of them as four guys playing in a basement with broken guitars recording on an old four track recording deck.

Lovvers next single ?OCD Go Go Girls?, taken from their upcoming debut LP OCD Go Go Go Girls? (note the extra Go), is another burst of visceral guitars and unbelievably catchy melodies. From the opening drum roll to the final thrash of overdrive, it pummels the listener into a submissive state of sheer garage rock joy. It may take about 15 listens to work out what the lyrics are, but who cares this is a song made for jumping around too in sweaty venues, not for sitting at home brooding too.


By Chris Cummins