Love Like Fire – Stand in Your Shoes (Heist Or Hit Records) 15/06/2009

June 15, 2009 by  

Love Like Fire

Of late there seems to be a new trend emerging in indie of the fuzzy-pop kind. Everyday a new band pops up citing My Bloody Valentine and Teenage Fan Club as being their staple musical diet since they were 13 years old. Love Like Fire are no exception, and on their latest offering ?Stand In Your Shoes? they resurrect everything which was great about early nineties indie and mould it into something undeniably glorious and new.

?Stand in Your Shoes? begins with a jerky guitar and a stomping beat, and not before long Ann Yu?s towering vocals enter into the fray. Already compared to pretty much every front woman out there it?s difficult and pretty pointless to try and pin her down, all you need to know is that she is good , very good. She mixes all out wail with melodic deftness throughout and lyrically intertwines lament with uplifting harmonies superbly. The result is an incredibly uplifting and infectious pop song.

Love Like Fire are another band who are determined to remind us all how great pop music was and should be.


By Chris Cummins