Kurran and The Wolfnotes – Your Four Limbs (Chess Club)

September 16, 2010 by  

The alt-folk tag can be a hefty burden for any new band trying to make their mark in 2010. The recent stalwarts of said denomination have found great success commercially, but have also faced a backlash amongst the more po-faced critics who often suggest there is a lack of innovation within the scene.

Kurran and The Wolfnotes seem to be the perfect antidote for those who find the output of the Mumford stable a little trite. Their new single ‘Your Four Limbs’, does well to avoid the dosey doeing and banjo twiddling to produce one of the scene’s most promising tracks.

Avoiding the usual folk clich?s, ‘Your Four Limbs’ picks up from the early promise of Cherboug to deliver a twist on the saturated genre, which finds the band sitting happily amongst the more progressive acts of alt-folk and indie.

This is largely due to the stripped-down aesthetic and dark tone of the track, which blends simple melodic arrangements with lead singer Kurran’s plaintive vocals.

With ‘Your Four Limbs’ Kurran and The Wolfnotes have produced a much needed twist on a genre that is often considered too derivative.