KASMS – Male Bonding (Trouble) 4/05/09

May 22, 2009 by  


The first time I put this CD on I spend the first 15 seconds with my head round the back of the speakers looking for the loose connection, until it dawns on me that it?s supposed to sound that fuzzy and distant. KASMS like their punk songs dark and dirty and quick. A-side ‘Male Bonding’ tallies up a bare 150 seconds; B-side ?Kids?, not even 120 seconds, but they sure know how to pack in the punches, kick starting with a massive glam drum beat that?s filthy and then some. Hailing from London they?ve been riding a PR wave with stories of audience assault and rebellious fuckoffski behaviour. They?re probably all vegans with chinchillas for pets, but who cares? They sure know how to make raw noise sound like malefic pleasure. ?Male Bonding? sounds like an arm wrestle turned sinister, with eye spitting and momma jokes. I fucking love it.

B-side ?Kids? begins with bags of doom, before kicking off with a ruckus of punk fuzz. ?Why do you have to fight it fight it? front woman Rachel screeches ghoulishly. Well, at least I think that?s what she says, lyrics are barely perceptible, but likely they?re daft. With attitude like that, the message takes a back seat.

KASMS, in honesty, is silliness that probably works best live. Their macabre slice of punk isn?t going to be everyone?s cup of tea, but if you?re a voyeur, check them out.

By Hannah Lanfear