Kasabian – Fire (Columbia) 1/06/2009

May 31, 2009 by  


Leicester?s favourite sons are back with new single ?Fire?. Taken from their forthcoming album ?West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum?, the track is their first proper release in two years. Unfortunately, it sounds like the mini hiatus hasn?t been spent well. In typical British lad-rock style, something of which they have recently refuted, ?Fire? is a three chord, bass heavy tune with a long stadium filling chorus. The simplicity of the track is perhaps it?s greatest strength but also its most pertinent weakness. The simple rhythm sees the song settle into a nice groove before building up to the ?I?m on Fiiiiirrrrrreeeee? chorus, which is effective, but after a few listens it just becomes boring and repetitive.

As we?ve come to expect from Kasabian, the production is second to none and Surge has managed to eek out of his guitar yet more original and blistering effects to create a sound that could only belong to Kasabian. But takeaway all the glossy production and use of effects pedals and all you?re left with is a far too basic tune and a set of clumsy lyrics, which do little to inspire, unless you?ve just downed your tenth pint on a Friday night.


By Chris Cummins