Gallops – Gallops EP (Holy Roar) 30/08/2010

August 29, 2010 by  

Normally specializing in the heavy and hardcore spectrum of alternative music, Holy Roar Records’s newest release is somewhat a surprise and is definitely a gem in the rough. Gallops introduce the EP fantastically, with an eerie and atmospheric start that leads beautifully into ‘Oh The Matinee’. Its droney repetition using subtle guitars feels very poignant, before building up instantly to awesome dance sequencing with the beautiful guitar loop behind it. It’s clear Gallops really know how to concoct a crescendo of Pop influences and avant garde electronica.

‘Sonderhof’ starts quite dark often using the bands live instrumental sound rather than using all electronica. However, the bleeps and bloops are really a great addition to the sound of this track and very little of the track, like many of the others on this record, gets repetitive.

The heavy reverb of some of the post rock type ensembles have with them dirty electronic noises .
‘Defbox’ has a very dirty sound, and also a nostalgic tone with bleeps reminiscent of my old 16-bit console that I used to play Zelda and Super Mario on. Add to this the experimenting with various time signatures and other aspects of song layouts, Gallops are a great breath of fresh air.

‘Miami Spider’ is definitely the stand out track of this small collection of electonica brilliance. Its odd bouncy time signatures, eclectic mix of live band instrumentals, odd noises and electronica provide a compelling sound. The track is in one word ‘positive’, it makes you bounce, bop and dance. It then breaks down to a chill out and very ambient collection of noises and guitars. It builds you back up to an astounding climax which is only to be heard.

This record is fantastic, a definite recommendation to any fans of obscure pop and electronica fans. Gallops will be your new favourite band.