Fenech Soler – Lies (Moda) 02/11/2009

September 30, 2009 by  

Feneh Soler Lies

I was first pointed in the direction of the almighty Fenech Soler way back in May last year, first hearing this track on their MySpace. It was true insta-lust of the filthy fuck buddy variety. Once you discover F-S you have little option but to thirstily follow their every move. Within the year they?ve grown from fledglings to eagles and with now the release of ?Lies?, they?re ready to soar.

This, their second single is being released on Moda, the record label of Radio 1?s Andy George and Jaymo. Since the track?s first incarnation it?s been remastered and had the vox rerecorded, and though it was heavy before, it?s had a little buff and polish giving it added zip to the boom, the sonic equivalent of putting hover lights beneath the Knight Rider car. It?s a virulent synth wanger in your ear, and will doubtless be the accelerant to an already glistering future.

Following their release of ?Cult Of The Romance? on Alan Braxe?s label back in spring, they?ve been hoisted aboard the good ship Groove Armada as premier support act on their Warehouse Project tour (quite frankly the most exciting thing they?ve done in donkey?s). Aside from this they?ve written material for Groove Armada?s upcoming album, all the while beavering their disco socks off on their own long player.

Listening to this track gives literal palpitations, and when the tune drops you just have to clench your fists, get your head down and dance it out, location be damned. Fenech Soler have gifted the deejays of the world a dance floor weapon here and no mistake.

Fenech-Soler will be celebrating the launch of the single with a performance at Manor House Warehouse on the 31st of October. Best take some ears plugs just to make sure your brain doesn?t dribble out the sides. Props.

By Hannah Lanfear