Enter Shikari ? No Sleep Tonight (Ambush Reality) 17/08/2009

August 26, 2009 by  


Enter Shikari are what would charitably be described as emo-pop-hardcore. Having recently been bumped down to the second biggest band out of St Albans by Friendly Fires, ?No Sleep Tonight? is the band?s attempt to wrestle back control of that top spot.

And it falls flat. ?No Sleep Tonight? is a horrifying amalgam of every element that pisses you off about the whole faux-hardcore movement. A monotonous bass-line drags along for the greater portion of proceedings, hiding such vocal nuggets as ?Just like the ocean we won?t be pacific anymore?. Yes, I realise ?pacific? means to be pacifying, but it?s still ridiculous. You can just imagine them hugging themselves when they found that one in the thesaurus.

The chorus is exactly what you would expect, a repeated and ragged roar; ?You?re not getting any sleep tonight?. Sixteen times in a three and a half minute song. Presumably the louder they scream, the more it means something?

There is obviously a market for this kind of stuff somewhere, evidenced by the hordes of identikit bands out there, i.e. Trivium, Bullet for My Valentine etc. I just can?t for the life of me work out why.


Liam Clune