Eliza Newman ? Ukulele Songs For You (Lavaland Records)

January 19, 2011 by  

Eliza Newman is an Icelandic songstress with operatic vocal chops who is releasing her Ukulele Songs For You EP on her Lavaland label this month. She previously was in girl punk rock group Bellatrix / Kolrassa Kr?kr?dandi who released four albums under Bjork?s record label (Bad Taste).

She has now gone solo and Hawaiian from the looks of things, sporting that ?oh so cute? mini me of guitars aka the Ukulele. And cute so are the songs on this short EP, with the sole backing of the Ukulele and general simple instrumentation Eliza creates a sweet, pitch perfect record with songs that are just right to listen to on a sunny Sunday afternoon – wrong time of the year but soothing none the less. The record includes Eliza?s ode to last year?s now infamous ash cloud volcano disaster that interrupted flights and caused general mayhem at the world?s biggest international airports, a song which got a lot of online attention.

Enjoyable, uncomplicated, sweet stuff!