Editors – You Don’t know Love (Kitchenware) 25/01/2010

January 28, 2010 by  

Editors have pulled out all the promotional stops on their latest single, ‘You Don’t Know Love’ from their third album ?In This Light and On This Evening?. The band have recruited some serious film makers to make the video, including Arni & Kinski ? the Icelanders behind Editors’ ?Smokers Outside the Hospital Door? video, who?ve also worked with Sigur Ros, Iggy Pop and Travis, and given such a grand promotional effort you would expect the song to match its video’s sense of grandeur and artistic merit. And in a way it does, but yet, as always, its lack of originally doesn’t bode well with its lofty stance .

The baritone vocals and the pessimistic vocals remain and this time linger around a Depeche mode style synth backdrop rather than the usual soaring guitars. But, considering singer Tom Smith goes out with Edith Bowman ? hardly the most bohemian of muses- it is hard to buy into this bitter tale of fleeting love, especially as the cheesy ’80s lead line comes in ? think Garth Marenghi ‘One Track Lover’.

Fans of Editors will surely love it and have probably already bought the album, but for those still not sure it is unlikely to persuade them to part with their money, especially when they probably own the originals anyway.