Dinosaur Pile-Up – The Most Powerful E.P on the World (Big Brain) 17/08/2009

September 3, 2009 by  


A bold claim if one was ever made, but certainly not one without good reason. Having found themselves the music press’ latest darlings and seeing their debut single ‘My Rock N Roll’ sell out faster than your local Tesco’s stock of Michael Jackson greatest hits records, confidence must have been extremely high in the Dinosaur Pile-Up camp when they came to naming and recording their debut EP.

‘The Most Powerful EP In The World’ is a back to basics collection of unashamed rock songs. Owing heavily to the pop-grunge of Weezer and Foo Fighters, opener ‘Summer Song’ is a relentless combination of aggressive drums, crunching riffs and throbbing bass lines all spun together with incredibly catchy pop hooks. ‘Melanin’ provides a brief moment of calm amongst the storm of ferocious guitar playing, with it’s low-key vocals and soothingly simple guitar hook before final song ‘Beach Bug’ picks up the pace again in a ferocious farewell of yet more loud guitars and throbbing bass-lines.

TMPEIW might not be the most original EP ever made, but it’s definitely one powerful collection of songs, which altogether sounds like another band trying to revive grunge, but in a good way. Great news then for those bored of women toting dodgy quiffs warbling over their keyboards.


by Chris Cummins