Defend Moscow – Die Tonight (KIDS) 22/06/2009

June 23, 2009 by  


No, before you get scared the Cold War is not back on it?s just a name. And again no, Defend Moscow are not a moody Joy Division cover band either. They are in fact an incredibly upbeat dance outfit who produce fine synthpop tunes. They just like choosing macabre names for their songs.

Their second single ?Die Tonight? has funky slap bass groove that Bootsy Collins would be proud of himself. This unashamed funk is set to the backdrop of an eighties synthesizer soundscape ala Pet Shop Boys. The result is a cheesy synth pop sound reminiscent of Alphabeat. The only thing brining the whole affair down is the lyrical premonition of impending death.

With three re-mixes of the single on the B-side, your spoilt for choice. It?s all a little camp and cheesy but you can?t fault it?s construction.


By Chris Cummins