Cymbals Eat Guitars ? ??And The Hazy Sea? (Transparent) 17/08/2009

August 26, 2009 by  


When a band releases a six minute ?epic?, it usually goes one of two ways. You can be left open-mouthed by sheer genius, or, as with ??And The Hazy Sea?, you can be left wondering if there could have been a good song adrift in the madness.

Cymbals Eat Guitars have been garnering some praise in recent months. Charles Bissel of The Wrens expects the band to ?end up indie famous within the year?, and a support slot with The Flaming Lips should certainly boost their profile. But they are a bit frustrating. At times, their sound is enjoyably intense. Layered guitar sits alongside crashing cymbals while Joseph D?Agostino howls and wails like a cross between Craig Nicholls and Win Butler.

In between these moments lie long, meandering passages of listless noise. Cymbals Eat Guitars take a great deal of influence from the heroin-soaked odysseys of bands like Sonic Youth and Pavement, but you can?t help but wish they had kept things ever so slightly tighter.

Expect to hear more from these New York boys, but any real breakthrough will need a much more focused approach.


Liam Clune