Cinnamon Chasers – White Flag E.P (Modus) 18/05/09

May 18, 2009 by  


Cinnamon Chasers. It?s a dubious name, one that makes you want to pour half a pint of milk on it. It?s the sobriquet of electronic tunes wizard Russ Davies, who has the pretty ace bragging rights in that his dad was in the Kinks. Yep, that?s right, Mr Ray Davies himself. If this sounds like a familiar tale, you may have heard that Russ? brother fronts the fucking awesome and hotly tipped scuzz rock band ?Year Long Disaster?, however their chosen music paths couldn?t be more different. These ambient dance tunes are every inch the polar opposite of his brother?s high octane rock output.

White Flag is lifted from CCs upcoming album, and this EP is a remix-tastic affair, with no less than four versions of the same tune. That?s a whole lot of song for your buck.

There?s the radio edit, an instrumental version, the album version with some extra bleepity bloo and a fourth track, the ?Corrupting the Good Girl mix?. The vocals are reminiscent of Erlend ?ye for Royksopp, and that?s goes for the feel of the track too, but Davies lacks the melodic midas touch of the Norwegian duo. The fourth track is redeeming to a degree, and is the high point of the EP. It?s titled the ?Corrupting the Good Girl mix?, and is dark and brooding with a taut, menacing bass line. There?s something reminiscent of Depeche Mode?s ?Enjoy the Silence?. It could almost make up for the mild ennui of the other tracks, yet while it?s good, you could definitely live without it. It?s a massive bowl of unsalted, plain pasta for an averagely hungry person.

While these are well crafted tunes, it?s a bit of a snooze fest. A jaunty and pleasant snooze fest at that, but a snooze fest nonetheless. Cinnamon Chasers have tracks worth seeking out, sadly these aren?t them.

By Hannah Lanfear