Cheatahs – The Swan (Wichita Records)

November 27, 2012 by  

After first hearing Cheatahs on BBC Six Music, I spent over twenty minutes of my valuable time searching for them on Google and found nothing. I reached the conclusion that Steve Lamacq was so on the ball that only he had the key to Cheatahs’ music cupboard, and retired from the search.? Months pass and eventually I have my sweaty palms all over ?The Swan?. The London quartet have been lingering underground and now under the guidance of Wichita, the home of the Cribs and previously Bloc Party, they should finally get the push they deserve.

?The Swan? immediately captures fine shoe-gazing moments and the smarter side of grunge. Their power chords and dazzling arpeggios propel the track all up to the dreamy heights of song writing for which Ride are fondly remembered. Most bands would take satisfaction from that ? add a simple key change for a chorus and turn back for more of the same. But Cheatahs aren?t most bands. The outro for ?The Swan? shifts up a gear, and we?re greeted by a wall of buzzing feedback which creates the road for the rhythm section to drive us home.

One of the most exciting new bands of 2012. But will they let us all down by 2013?