Cashier No 9 ? When Jackie Shone (Only Gone) 07th April 09

April 15, 2009 by  


Belfast?s Cashier No 9 has been generating a real buzz on this side of the water lately, and with musical genius like ?When Jackie Shone? it is easy to see why.

Beginning with a disciplined bassline and drums, the song opens up with the introduction of Danny Todd?s vocals into a paranoid, western-themed stomp. Imagine a boisterous barn dance; now imagine someone dropped a handful of tabs into the fruit punch. Now you?re getting closer to the Cashier No 9 sound.

The simple ?whoa-whoa? chorus seems deep and expressive, when sung over synthesizer notes that are stretched and pulled until they resemble slowed-down sirens. It?s the type of desert-flavoured madness Queens of the Stoneage used to deal in, but given a new twist. Less metal, more like Cajun indie rock.

B-side ?When I was up I was up when I was down I was down? is also worth a listen. Continuing in the smoky, hypnotic vein, it is more proof that when Cashier No 9 finishes their debut album, great things should be expected.

Liam Clune