Boy Crisis ? The Fountain of Youth (B-Unique) 28/09/2009

November 3, 2009 by  

Boy Crisis Fountain Of Youth

Boy Crisis have managed to take several interesting musical elements and combine them together in a completely underwhelming way.

Cut from the same cloth as MGMT, the dance-pop outfit make shiny, sparkly music for shiny, sparkly people. They just do it in a very soul-less way. ?The Fountain Of Youth? is a four and a half minute dancefloor number that is camp for the sake of being camp. Tal Rozen?s soprano vocals are passable, but when married to a very clich?d electronic melody the effect is sterile.

It?s all very contrived, and lacks originality. If you like your dance with a bit of mince mixed in with the bounce, you?d be far better off sticking with MGMT, The Faint, or practically any other electro-pop starlet around at the moment.

A lot of good things have been said about Boy Crisis. Maybe this is just an off day for them, but it will take a hell of a next single for me to change my tune.


By Liam Clune