Boy & Bear – With Emperor Antarctica EP

January 2, 2011 by  

Frankly it is hard to believe that Boy and Bear hail from the sunshine of Australia?s South East coast.

Having started life as a solo project for singer Dave Hosking in 2009, the band if anything conjure up a sound more akin to days spent within the dark, wintry reaches of Canada as opposed to those spent on a sun drenched Bondi Beach. Having evolved into a five piece the band?s growing popularity is partly credited to the likes of Laura Marling and Mumford & Sons who have both recently requested Boy & Bear?s company whilst touring.

Despite drawing parallels with Fleet Foxes and Local Natives, Boy & Bear do not necessarily owe these contemporaries for their own sound. This is essentially due to the fact that there is a particularly high grade of craftsmanship within the writing of Boy & Bear?s songs. It is clear that the band?s approach comes direct from its core and the result of this makes the band a separate entity in its own right and deservedly so.

This EP, Boy & Bear?s first, titled ?With Emperor Antarctica? is littered with inspiring rhythms, gorgeous vocal harmonies and the understated perfection of Hosking?s ardent vocal. These qualities are particularly well represented on tracks The Storm and Rabbit Song, which march along with an urgency a little beyond the folk genre but only just so. It should be highlighted that in addition to these tracks ?With Emperor Antarctica? showcases five incredibly strong numbers each with the potential to be singles in their own right. Track Mexican Mavis perhaps being slightly ahead of the rest with its choral introduction and effervescent melodies.

On the whole Boy & Bear?s debut EP is an incredibly strong starting place for such a new band. It is clear that the group have their hands on a recipe that could well see them become the newly crowned emperors of the UK, if not further a field during 2011.

For now enjoy With Emperor Antarctica and revel in all of Boy & Bear?s newly found glory.