Black Lips ? Drugs (Vice) 24/08/2009

September 3, 2009 by  


Celeb pals and fellow deviants Black Lips and Farris Rotter of The Horrors, have decided to join forces and release a split single. Farris has covered Black Lips’ I’ll Be With You’ for the release under the moniker Lumina. In true Farris style the rendition is incredibly macabre and comes complete with eerie sounds that could of come from some murky basement in East London.

A-side Drugs is Black Lips at their most shambolic and downright dirtiest. As you can image the song is about taking drugs and it sounds like the band spent the night before the recording session putting in many hours of research on their chosen subject matter. Throughout Singer Cole Alexander incoherently yelps for a lover to join him in his drug fueled antics over a hazy 60s surf pop soundtrack and manages to release an incredibly catchy chorus every now and then.

Still sounding like it was recorded in a mates basement after a night out at the pub it’s not going to impress many purists, but it is a lot of fun.


By Chris Cummins