Big Deal – Talk (Moshi Moshi)

April 13, 2011 by  

Listening to bands like Big Deal, you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s all starting to sound a bit too familiar. It’s nothing personal, and ‘Talk’ is a jarringly sweet ditty sung by the newest boy/girl duo on the block.

Their biggest problem won’t be popularity, it will be longevity. Bands like Slow Club and Sky Larkin have proved almost on a weekly basis that there is a huge appeal for music that?s sonically gritty and emotionally bare. Both iTunes’ Free Single of the Week and Guardian Band of the Day would cease to function were it not for a plethora of bands coming out of the woodwork with these skewed anti-anthems.
What’s refreshing too is that everybody wants to be the new Moldy Peaches, whereas nobody is clamouring to be the next She & Him. Everyone wants to keep it strictly ?Garage?.
Amicable that for once substance trumps style, but with the recent demise of The White Stripes who were unquestionably the biggest boy/girl duo ever to walk the earth, is the niche market for the self-conscious, sarcastic and lovesick songwriter about to vanish just as the flooded indie marketplace seems set to burst it’s banks?

Time will tell on that one, but let’s hope that for Big Deal, the bubble doesn’t burst just yet. The reason being is that ‘Talk’ is a little gem. It breaks absolutely no new ground whatsoever, offers no answers to the questions of endurance, and not an ounce of salvation for the genre on its own merit.

I suspect that Big Deal were big enough and clever enough to realise that this was the case before signing to Moshi Moshi, and I also imagine is the reason they did it anyway. Because really, it’s just as much for them, as it is for you, and that’s really the way it should be. For this reason alone, you should buy this single.