Arctic Monkeys – Cornerstone (Domino) 16/11/2009

November 23, 2009 by  


How Alex Turner has grown, metaphorically of course. Cornerstone is billed as an Arctic Monkey’s record but we all know it’s the lyrical powerhouse Turner that is, as usual, behind this little gem.

Five years ago when the Arctic Monkeys were the four scraggly northern scamps unwittingly dipping their toes into the world of four chord rock anthems, who would of known Mr Turner would turn into the Sheffield crooner he is today.

Maybe it’s Alexa’s influence, maybe Miles or just a bit of growing up. Cornerstone finds Alex Turner beginning to fulfil the promises his early worked laid down. His use of the English language is as rich and complex as usual as he weaves tropes and metaphors with ease, and when teamed with the retrospective rambling organ backdrop it’s as homely as shepherd’s pie.

Yet delve a little deeper and the complexities of the lyrical narrative unravels in Morissey style ambiguity, which will have you hooked for weeks.


By Chris Cummins