Adelaide’s Cape – Curled/Harbour (Dustbowl Records) October 2009

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adelaide's cape

Adelaide?s Cape have released, in ?Curled/Harbour?, a slice of modern indie-folk that can sit comfortably with the likes of Mumford and Sons and Alessi?s Ark.

The duo have created a big following in their hometown of Bath, and recent dates in London have seen their popularity grow further. And with good reason. ?Curled? is just gorgeous. A simple but warm guitar is a cheerful counterpart to Sam Taylor?s slightly melancholy vocals. Although not really packing the punch of Marcus Mumford or the endearing simplicity of Charlie Fink, Taylor?s voice has a distinctive charm of its own, enticing you to sing along before you even know the words.

?Harbour? is a little more downbeat, and introduces vocals from Hannah Richardson, the other permanent member of Adelaide?s Cape. The slightly more subdued tone is not a complete success. It does highlight excellent timing and bridge construction, but it exposes the slight flaws in Taylor?s delivery. During prolonged notes, he does have a tendency to sound like Gary Lightbody.

All in all, Adelaide?s Cape are a prime example of why folk enjoying such a renaissance in popularity. Intricate, intelligent and finely crafted, the potential on show here is enormous. I for one will be awaiting the March release of their full debut EP ?Last Sleep In Albion? with much interest.


Liam Clune

?Curled/Harbour? can be downloaded free at, RawRip and ReverbNation