Wild Beasts @ Y Theatre, Leicester 9/05/2011

May 23, 2011 by  

The current music scene is teaming with sickly loved-up twosomes singing about all their lover?s perfections. So you would presume that Summer Camp would follow in the same vein? Well fortunately you?d be horribly wrong, as their dreamy, woozy beats culminate to become a truly triumphant sound. It also means they are probably the respective King and Queen of their current music genre. Although, even King?s and Queen?s have the ability to fluff up every now and again, as halfway through a song, Jeremy Walmsly decided to abruptly stop the song declaring he had gone terribly wrong (in decidedly more rude terms) but when Elizabeth Sankey started producing her Siren-like wailings the crowd became enchanted once again and all their previous miss-happenings were easily forgiven.

When parents give birth to a child what do they instinctly do? Proudly show off their newborn baby with a trusted few who can also enjoy the joyous occasion. Well this was exactly what Wild Beasts were doing tonight, dazzling the predominately middle-aged audience with their new album ?Smother?. And judging by tonight?s airing, it seems to be much more of a sincere and heartfelt proposition, which is just another feather for Wild Beasts to add to their ever growing cap of musical traits.

The musty but rather quaint surroundings of the Y theatre, seemed to compliment the irresistible grooves produced by the four piece. This made the patrons sat in the rafters regret their decision to sit, as they were restricted to their seats and were not permitted to express themselves to the glorious music on offer.

Old timers such as ?All The kings Men? were still bursting with vigor and flair, as balding co-lead vocalist Tom began menacingly groping and thrusting his crotch in a handful of simultaneous sweeps, which prompted a few blushes among the crowd. ?This Is Our Lot? provided some gliding guitars and an effortlessly domineering bassline, which was just a pleasure to see. It was also good to see they were mixing in new material with old in the right amounts, as ?Albatross? is a prime example of the new, as Hadyn Thorpe lusciously falsetto tones have never made the word albatross seem so achingly beautiful.

On this performance, It?s easily to see why Wild Beasts are fast becoming the talk of the nation, as it is hard not to fall in love with their brilliant combinations of rhythmic intensity, sobering guitars, throbbing basslines and beautifully howling vocals.

So will you raise a glass with me to toast Wild Beasts the proud new parents! (it?s their third one don?t you know!).