Thursday 31/01/08 Pete and the Pirates, The More Assured @ New Slang, Kingston

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Rowdy students necking gallons of snakebite and comparing plimsolls and skinny jeans combinations might not seem like your average music fan’s idea of a night out. However nestling quietly in the suburbs of London, is Kingston upon Thames biggest weekly Indie night New Slang. It?s far from your average student night, for a start your shoes do not stick to floor and the walls are not painted black. In the recent past they have managed to get some big headline acts and some of Indies brightest young stars. Tonight it was Pete and the Pirates turn to make the arduous journey to the outer reaches of London, but before they played, London?s The More Assured took to the stage.

Jumping out on to the stage like a bunch of giggling teenagers who had just caught a glimpse of Kate Nash?s Bra, they effortlessly work their way through their set, winning over the crowd with every catchy guitar solo and punchy riff. With opening lines like “I wanna be your sex offender” it was hard not too fall for the boys especially when combined with their juvenile wit and stage antics, which saw bass player Slinky Sunbeam fall over several times during the set. However underneath all the larking around lie some genuinely clever and wry observations of modern life. And their can be no questioning of the boys song writing ability, with the highlight of their set being the excellent Ska tinged, ?It?s All In Your Head?.

Having just heard the news that the lead guitarist for Pete and the Pirates could not make it as he was too ill after their gig at the borderline on Tuesday, we were a bit apprehensive about their set. However they assured us that with some clever instrument-swapping every thing would be as normal. They took to the stage and announced “we?re very nervous, not being four people usually. You?re very lucky to get to see us like this” and then tore straight into fan?s favourite ‘Knots’ which quickly filled the floor. As usual they looked the most unlikely of people to be in a band, but their shy stage persona just added to the quirkiness of their sound. The opening riff of ‘Lost In The Woods’ quickly grabbed the attention of the crowd and by the time the driving rhythm of ‘She Doesn?t Belong To Me’ kicked in the crowd were on their feet with some of the fans down the front starting their own pit.

Despite being man down they seemed to be fairing well. Holding their telecasters nonchalantly and overcoming the bad stage set up, they had infected the crowd with their melodic riffs and had the whole crowd jumping around. The only disappointment was lacklustre new single ‘Mr Understanding’ which I am sure will do well in the charts but just doesn?t have the same impact live as previous singles. To close the set they played the excellent ‘Come On Feet’ . What the boys lack in rock n roll credentials they more than made up for with driving rhythm guitar, snarling riffs and tales of drunken nights.

by Chris Cummins