Quenched Unsigned ? No Right to Be Here ? FAC251, Manchester 4/12/2010

December 9, 2010 by  

Its unusual to have epic indie, electro blues and 60s influenced melodic indie on the same bill, but that?s just what?s to come tonight for ?No Right To Be Here? the 2nd night of Manchester?s band Promotion initiative, Quenched Unsigned.

Tonight FAC251 hosts the showcase for three very different unsigned acts of different genres. At a bargain price it seems that the factory is the place to be for some multi-generic mayhem.

First up are Manchester band, Mount Fabric with their expansive indie sound and unique falsetto of frontman who looks not dissimilar to Freddy Kruger with his hat and rainbow top. Where they differ from other doom rock merchants is that their music veers from atmospheric indie with falsetto riding over into crunching melodic riffs, as showcase on ?Coping with Belief? and ?Epiphany? which in conception are Muse like but evolve into indie anthems. Their music is so big that their frontman somehow manages to lose his footing more than once. Only one word for their set- stunning and if they carry on in this manner, they won?t be playing small venues for long.

Wolverhampton based, The Rimes are up next and show a complete change of tack as their style of music is more 60s influence melodic indie which is more at home on the dancefloor rather than the mind. Their frontman has a cheeky but confident poise and from the off they establish a rapport with the audience, introducing every song with ?hope you like it? ?Catch Me When I?m Falling? is harmonic indie at its best and ?Starting Over? with its rolling drum intro and crunching riffs sounds like a muscular Kooks but the bridge of ?Oh Oh No? is utterly addictive.

Finishing off proceedings are ?I Am Austin? an electro bluesy duo from North Wales they present an excellent case for guitar and drum duos, not having a need for an extra member, as they seem quite capable of making enough noise on their own. Their electro fuelled blues complete with frenetic drumming and scrawny vocals ensure any remaining cobwebs are blown away, even when a mic fails they still carry on regardless.? No Romance? is sinister and brilliant as is the bluesy stomp of ?Stripper?. They are loud, brash and their electro-guitar and drum combination is an aural assault for the senses. They seem to be poised to join bluesy rock acts, ParaZali and Black Knights into the big time.

It seems Quenched Unsigned has proved its worth in providing a platform for three varied acts that in an ideal world would not be found on the same bill. By doing away with the rulebook Quenched has put on a top night, Bring on the next one!